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What inspires me: Anna Griffin

on June 22, 2011

I can always use a little mid-week inspiration. Can’t you?  I will try to make a weekly feature out of highlighting something in the “stuff I like/think is pretty/wish I thought of first” category.

First up is Anna Griffin, because she is awesome and because I recently received the shipment of scrapbook supplies I ordered from her semiannual sale.  Anna is based in Atlanta and does a lot more than scrapbooks – she designs invitations and cards, as well as gorgeous quilt fabric I am certain I could do my best to ruin.  Her taste usually runs right alongside mine, which means heavy toward Victorian florals in pastels and jewel tones.  Oh, Anna, how I love thee.

Layout using AG products

Anna’s look is almost always elegant and classic, with a Southern charm to it.  I am hoping to attack my new instant scrapbook this week (cheating, possibly, but oh well). Here’s a pic of all the goodies:

Fresh Floral Kit

The question is, what photos to put in it?  The pages are gorgeous but kind of busy, so I am thinking of taking some of my photos of individual family members and printing them in black and white or sepia tones so as not to compete too much with all the colors.

As usual, Awesome Anna from Atlanta does not disappoint.  Thanks for the inspiration!


2 responses to “What inspires me: Anna Griffin

  1. Sarah says:

    Hey! My wedding! 🙂 Thanks for the cameo, Laurel.

    • lmring says:

      So it is. I got some good photos that night! This page appears in the “November” spread of my 2006-07 Anna Griffin album. (Don’t go thinking I have an album for every year; I’m not that organized. AG had put up a calendar-themed album that year on QVC and I decided I would see if I could do it.)

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