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What inspires me: Teresa Wentzler

on July 13, 2011

Rapunzel, completed 2004

It’s probably safe to say Teresa Wentzler is my favorite cross stitch designer.  I’ve worked on her designs almost exclusively for the past 12 years – why is that?

For one thing, her designs are beautiful, and incorporate themes I like.  There’s a good cross-section of fantasy, medieval and floral designs to choose from, and the color schemes are soft and pretty.

Then there’s the challenge.  TW’s designs range from very easy (Rapunzel was mostly just straight stitching) to very complicated (Father Winter uses many different embroidery techniques – see previous post).  A nice feature of her work is that even in the easy pieces, she uses a lot of blended needle threads (using one strand of one color and one strand of another) to soften the contrasts.  Most of her pieces have a patterned border that shows off some fancy stitching, and some make heavy use of beading (Angel of Frost took a long time to finish, but it was worth it -see below).

TW is an amazing artist as well, and has blogs for both her needlework and her art.  I love watching her work in progress, and cannot wait for the Jacobean design to come out; I hope she will make the carousel horse into a design too.  I have recently begun to think I might to like to design cross stitch patterns, but looking at TW’s work makes me realize I have a very long way to go.

Stroke of Midnight, completed 2006

I’ve completed seven of her designs, and am plugging away at the eighth.  I really want to have Stroke of Midnight framed for my living room, and plan to have it done at Suwannee Valley Cross Stitch in Trenton.  I discussed this one day with one of the ladies at the shop, and told her I mainly worked on TW’s designs.  She asked me if I had ever had my finished pieces appraised for insurance purposes (I have not), and then told me the estimates for both framed and unframed pieces.  I won’t give exact numbers here, but I was floored by the prices she gave me!  It seems all that work is worth something to someone after all, even if it is only the insurance company!

Father Winter will probably be my last TW piece for a while, but I’ve discovered that I now have standards.  Working these designs has the unfortunate side effect of making a lot of other stitching patterns look unsophisticated or juvenile – the kind of hokey pieces that make people look at you funny when you say you really enjoy cross stitch – so it’s put the pressure on to find other designers with comparable skills.  I’d like to explore the work of Nora Corbett for Mirabilia, Passione Ricamo and others, and I recently got a book of Joan Elliott designs that might keep me busy for a while, but I know I will always come back home to TW.

Angel of Frost, completed June 2010


2 responses to “What inspires me: Teresa Wentzler

  1. You are on my list of heroes. These are completely amazing. You are definitely a person of varied talents, and I salute you on them! The thought of your diligence and patience floors me, too. Thank you for posting them. I can’t say enough good things about them…they are beyond gorgeous!

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