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Don’t sit still – I might color you!

on August 10, 2011

Color swatches from Kuler

Color has made me extremely happy the past week or two.  Maybe a little too happy – I don’t seem to want to do much besides look up color schemes on the internet, drop them into Creative Suite programs and move them around!  I’ve been hungry for new color combinations in my work projects, personal artwork, and clothes.

My friends know I have never been afraid of using color.  I will wear a bright yellow dress with red heels and a purple bag. (Shut up, it worked.)  It’s all about how it blends and comes together.  Some combinations are obvious: black, white and other neutrals work with just about anything; dark and light shades of the same color usually look nice. Depending on how you use it, color can make a powerful statement for or against you – color is a major factor in something appearing outdated.  Lately I have been looking for schemes that use color in new, surprising and pleasing ways to keep things looking fresh.

There are a lot of websites that focus on color.  Adobe’s Kuler presents different schemes that are uploaded by the site’s users, and you can download the swatch files for import right into Illustrator or PhotoShop.  Wear Palette shows you how to use color schemes in clothing, as does Cute and Little’s Color Brigade.  Pantone has posted the top colors for the Fall 2011 fashion season (working on how to use these in publications), and Polyvore lets you put clothes together to see what works (see below, but I have to warn you, this is a major time-sucker — but really fun, especially since nothing has to fit you correctly!).

Ooh La La
Ooh La La by laurel769 featuring a cream cardigan

Fresh color combos can give you a new lease on a project, especially when you are stuck for that spot color on a layout that makes everything pop.  It’s also nice when, being restricted to two colors on a project, you can do something other than the standard black-and-(fill in the blank).  I am completing a project using the blues and yellow I found in this logo in a Google search:

The yellow really helps it stand out, and there’s no black anywhere to be found!

I like to play with color in a no-pressure environment before I use it, so often I will drag out the old Prismacolors and give them a whirl in a coloring book.  One of my favorites right now is “Mystical Mandalas” by Dover Publications.  The designs are fun and give you a lot of room to play with shading and different combinations.

Color also makes a huge difference in scrapbook layouts and quilts.  I’ll have more on this soon – stay tuned!

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