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Start where the fun is!

on April 16, 2012

At our usual family lunch this Sunday, my grandmother proudly told me that my four-year-old niece, Bailey, had put together a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle in no time.

“But she hasn’t quite gotten the idea of putting the outside pieces together first,” she laughed.  “She likes matching the colors better.”

I laughed too, because it sounds like Bailey and any other four-year-old I know – they want to do things their way.  But then I thought, who says you have to do it a certain way? Why not start with the fun part? Why not just jump in where the joy is?

Starting in the middle, where the fun part is, can be just what we need to keep our enthusiasm for a project – and for life.  If the middle is where the joy lives, and the outside (or borders or boundaries) seems boring, maybe the spark generated by all that fun will carry over and make the outside exciting, too.

Even if it’s not practical. Even if starting on the edges would make it easier.  A little fun is worth some extra trouble!

So eat dessert first.  Start the puzzle (or the story, or the scrapbook page, or whatever) in the middle.  Pick out the colors or fabrics before you’re sure of what you want to create. Be willing to see what happens when you start where the fun is.


2 responses to “Start where the fun is!

  1. Toni says:

    Amen, chica!

    • lmring says:

      I will try to practice what I preach! Usually I am not very good at this, since I tend to be a rules follower, but I think things need shaking up.

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