The Embroidered Truth

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on June 17, 2011

Welcome to The Embroidered Truth!  I hope to use this blog to help me (and maybe you) in the search for inspiration, creativity and happiness, along with the occasional opportunity to sound off on something that’s been on my mind.

I’ve always liked to pursue a variety of creative interests: writing, cooking, music, acting, dancing, drawing, graphic design, needlework (hence the blog name), and most recently, quilting.

Father Winter (in progress)

Here are some of my projects in progress:

  • A cross-stitch piece titled “Father Winter,” designed by Teresa Wentzler.  I am about halfway through this one (here is a pic of a completed one).
  • A nine-patch floral quilt top with sashing; this one is giving me fits right now.
  • A portfolio of hand-lettering samples.
  • A hand-drawn Christmas card.
  • About 10-15 scrapbook layouts in varying stages of completion.
  • Dare I mention the outline and two pages of notes for a novel?

A completed scrapbook layout

Lately, however, I’ve found it hard to actually apply myself to any of it.  Sometimes it seems like the idea of creating art becomes so overwhelming, it saps any enthusiasm I have for a project before I even begin, so I don’t begin.  The challenge here is to reverse this trend by finding new ways to get inspired and holding myself accountable each week.  Discipline and inspiration are two areas I really want to explore, because I think they hold the keys for me in many areas of my life.

I once saw a short book by Julia Cameron filled with cartoons of excuses not to make art (“Tell yourself you can’t afford art supplies, and buy five expensive cappuccinos while you discuss this with friends”; “Rather than make art, read about art”).  My main roadblock is that I want it to be perfect from the beginning.

So let’s hear it: what are the excuses that keep you from being creative?


3 responses to “Welcome!

  1. congrats on your new blog!

    as for excuses, mine usually fall into the “not enough time” category, but the truth is it’s more a matter of procrastination and laziness than anything. and the sad fact is that i find the most fulfillment in pursuing creative activities, even more than from the results, so you’d think i’d have less trouble kicking myself into gear, knowing that it will be worth it.

    once i get past my own resistance, i’m much happier. (duh, perhaps, but a lesson i seem to need to repeat over and over.)

  2. Kristy Gault says:

    I am afraid I often use my kids in conjunction with the time issue as an excuse. I can justify my lack of productivity by telling myself that I need to spend time on something for them. My way to trick myself out of this is to pick projects I can do “for the boys.” Last year I designed and built a sandbox. This year…a play set. Makes winter a bit tough.

  3. lmring says:

    Hi girls! Toni, I think that is part of my problem too. And Kris, at least you are doing something, which is more than I can say for myself most of the time.

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